car tracker

What does it give you?

The system of satellite monitoring GEOSTRON allows controlling of moving and fuel costs of your transport means, helping raise the level of discipline of the drivers, stop the unapproved use of corporative vehicles and fuel plums. Thanks to the reduction of the direct expenses only implementation of the monitoring system is compensated during a few months.

Operative and true information helps react to any emergency situations, make justified and timely decisions to carry out specified tasks with minimum expenses, raise up the level of personnel’s responsibility, i.e. efficiently manage the working process.


For whom?

And any other corporations operating transport.

system functioning scheme

How does it work?

The vehicles under control are equipped with a GPS tracker. The tracker takes the signals from GPS satellites and defines the coordinates and the speed of the vehicle and also registers information from additional gauges (fuel level, engine turns, temperature etc.)This data is saved in the energy independent memory of the device. The tracker transfers the data onto the server with the help of GPRS technology. All data received from the tracker is saved in the data base, which helps analyze the information obtained in any period of time, get necessary reports. The programme, downloaded on your computer, links up to the server and gets information through the internet. Minimum information is transferred from the server which reduces the expenses on traffic and allows working even if the connection is slow.

What else?


What if?..

You can download the programme right away and follow the moves of a real car! So you will have a possibility to evaluate the functions of the system and make a reasonable decision.

Want a test-drive?

Download free program and watch real objects! Thus, before purchase, you will evaluate functions of the satellite monitoring system and make the right decision.
Follow the link to download the latest version of the program: Program Geostron.
Web-interface allowing using basic options of the system without installation on the computer: PC version, mobile version.

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