car tracker

What for?

To be sure your car is exactly on the place you left it or it is moving in the right direction and the driver is not speeding. To get such information you do not have to waste time on phone calls and interfere with the driver. You just need to have a look at the computer screen.

sistem functioning scheme

How does this work?

The car is equipped with a GPS tracker. The tracker takes the signals from GPS satellites and defines the coordinates and the speed of the car. This data is saved in the energy-independent memory of the tracker. The tracker transfers the data onto the server with the help of GPRS technology. The programme, downloaded on your computer, links up to the server and gets information through the internet. Minimum information is transferred from the server which reduces the expenses on traffic and allows working even if the connection is slow.

alarm call

What else?

Installation of a hidden button pressing which makes it possible to send a signal to the specified telephone numbers is available (option).

Prowhisper of the car salon with the hidden call on the sim-card is available (option).